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New bridge opens in Yathrib, serving over 70,000 people

29 January 2018

Some 70,800 people in Yathrib sub-district of Salah al-Din will benefit from a new pedestrian bridge that opened in mid-January. The bridge, built by UNHCR and its partners, is an essential crossing point for the Tigris River, connecting the east and west of Yathrib city.

Since the old bridge was destroyed local inhabitants made long detours to cross the river. The new bridge makes a huge difference to people going about their daily lives.
The new bridge is one of a series of quick impact projects in Yathrib. Quick impact projects are small-scale community-based projects that support reintegration and rehabilitation efforts to facilitate the safe and sustainable return of displaced people. Funded by UNHCR, they aim to benefit formerly displaced communities coming back together, and feed into longer-term recovery programmes.
In addition to the pedestrian bridge, a new vehicle bridge restored by UNHCR will ease the transport of goods in the area. Another project rehabilitated water purification units serving nine villages, facilitating access to clean drinking water for 40,000 people. Temporary housing units now provide shelter for 350 families in Yathrib town and 250 families in neighbouring Ishaqi village for up to three years, while their homes are rebuilt. UNHCR also provided 12 transformers to help improve electricity distribution in the local villages, making electricity available to homes in the district for up to 12 hours a day.
“Yathrib suffered immensely during the recent conflict,” said Bruno Geddo, UNHCR Representative in Iraq. “The extensive damage to homes and public services exacerbated social tensions. Rebuilding infrastructure and repairing services for the whole community is a springboard to help reconciliation efforts reach further and make returns sustainable.”

New bridge opens in Yathrib, serving over 70,000 people

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