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United Nations Iraq Yearbook – For Iraq 2017

30 July 2018

United Nations Iraq Yearbook 2017 – For Iraq 2017 is here! It summarizes the activities and the work carried out by UNAMI and the Agencies, Funds, and Programmes of the United Nations in Iraq in 2017, illustrated in text and photos from the field.

For Iraq 2017 highlights specific themes, such as contributions to the national reconciliation process, work on the achievement of the Millennium Sustainable Development Goals in Iraq and the enormous assistance facilitated and provided to the improvement of the humanitarian situation of millions of internally displaced people and host communities in Iraq by the UN Family.
For Iraq 2017 features interviews with a number of UN officials in Iraq in which they assess activities of their respective offices and report on the impact of the work of the UN on the community, they are serving.
For Iraq 2017 outlines some of what has been accomplished in 2017 and articulates our plans and visions for 2018.

For Iraq 2017 is currently available in English at For Iraq Magazine, The United Nations in Iraq in 2017
Arabic and Kurdish versions will follow soon.

United Nations Iraq Yearbook – For Iraq 2017

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