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UNITAD Launches a Program of Cooperation with al-Alamain Institute for Graduate Studies

31 October 2023

Baghdad 30 October 2023: The United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes committed by Da’esh/ISIL (UNITAD) launched a Program of Cooperation with al-Alamain Institute for Graduate Studies, which was signed during a visit by Special Adviser and Head of UNITAD, Christian Ritscher to the Institute at Najaf on 29 October 2023.

Upon an invitation from al-Alamain Institute, Special Adviser Ritscher delivered a lecture to postgraduate Master’s and Doctoral students at the center, who pursue their advanced studies in law, political sciences and communications. He provided an overview on the Investigative Team and its work in cooperation with Iraq. He was invited to briefly visit two ongoing classrooms and engaged in discussions with professors and students.

“This exemplary and practical work is a manifestation of our role as a Team of the United Nations designed to support national capacities, in line with its mandate to promote accountability for ISIL international crimes,” said Special Adviser Ritscher during his lecture. “I look forward to seeing this enhanced cooperation happen through the implementation of this Program over the coming months.”

The Program of cooperation, signed by Special Adviser Christian Ritscher and Professor Dr. Zayd Adnan Muhsin, Dean of the Institute will facilitate and enhance the sharing of expertise between UNITAD’s experts and the academic community at the postgraduate level in al-Alamain Center. This cooperation builds on UNITAD’s commitment to support Iraqi national capacities in areas related to the Team’s mandate, including by advancing the relevant academic and scholarly aspects for postgraduate students at the Institute.

“This visit happens following diligence efforts between al-Alamain Center for Graduate Studies and UNITAD over the past few months, and here we are picking the fruits of those efforts through the signing of this important cooperation program,” said Dr. Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloom, General Supervisor of al-Alamain Institute for Postgraduate Studies. “We hope that this program will be an actual roadmap for the exchange of expertise between both parties and in interjecting academic and field work.”

The cooperation program will provide postgraduate students with various opportunities to engage with UNITAD experts, including through joint workshops and conferences. It will also enable UNITAD to benefit from the profound national legal expertise of the Institute.

Special Adviser Ritscher reiterated UNITAD’s commitment to continue working closely with Iraqi authorities and supporting national capacities, in line with its mandate. He mentioned that “we will continue to engage with the Government of Iraq, and all concerned actors, to ensure that we fulfil the requirements of all relevant Security Council resolutions. Most importantly, we will continue to conduct our work, taking into account first and foremost the interests of Iraq, of Iraqi victims who want to see justice served, and also the need to ensure accountability against ISIL perpetrators globally.”

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