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UNITAD and al-Alamain Institute for Graduate Studies launch a lecture series on legal issues of international criminal investigations

12 February 2024

Baghdad, 11 February 2024 – Special Adviser and Head of the United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes committed by Da’esh/ISIL (UNITAD), Christian Ritscher, inaugurated a lecture series for post graduate students, as a part of an ongoing Program of Cooperation with al-Alamain Institute for Graduate Studies.

The first lecture of the series discussed “genocide and genocidal intent in the context of international criminal investigations”, providing a legal overview and analysis on the genocide convention, elements of genocide, and means of proof of special intent among other relevant themes.

“Today’s lecture marks a very important stride in our shared commitment to fostering accountability and advancing legal scholarship on issues relevant to the heinous crimes committed by ISIL in Iraq,” said Special Adviser Ritscher, adding: “it is one step forward in our dedicated journey to support Iraq in its pursuit of justice. Through the Program of Cooperation with al-Alamain Institute, we have cultivated a robust exchange of expertise between UNITAD and the academic community in Iraq, empowering postgraduate students with the tools necessary to confront the complex challenges posed by international crimes and the legacy of transnational terrorism.”

The participants included UNITAD senior experts alongside Iraqi legal scholars as well as Master’s and Doctoral students from the Institute.

This lecture series is planned for the upcoming weeks and months and is hosted at al-Alamain Institute, to present and discuss various subjects of high importance to national legal experts, especially those pursuing research and studies in the field of international criminal justice and ISIL’s international crimes. This joint endeavour is a part of an ongoing partnership with the Institute, aiming to provide postgraduate students with various opportunities to engage with UNITAD’s experts, and enabling UNITAD to benefit from the profound national legal expertise of the Institute.

Learn more about the Program here.

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