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Transitioning to E-land Governance in Iraq

24 March 2024

UN-Habitat and the Ministry of Justice are collaborating on a new project to digitise land administration systems in Iraq.

Baghdad, 24 March 2024 - In a significant move towards enhancing Iraq's long-term development and reform process, the Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), announces the launch of the 'Modernising Urban Land Knowledge (MULK)' programme.

Funded by the European Union, the MULK programme strives to reform and modernise land management in Iraq by supporting the transition to a digitised e-land administration system, making significant strides in supporting an improved investment climate, and in ensuring security of tenure for all.

Over three years, the programme focuses on building the foundation for the digital transformation of land management. This includes developing an enabling legal framework, building institutional capacity, devising technical specifications, and engaging civil society in meaningful policy dialogue. These efforts are aimed at ensuring land management modernization is not only viable, but also inclusive and sustainable.

At the programme launch, Mr. Ahmed Luebi, Director General for Justice Affairs, emphasized the programme’s significance in vastly improving Iraq’s property records and land administration systems. “Modernising land governance systems is key to Iraq's reform agenda and is crucial for facilitating future investment, paving the way for a more productive and prosperous economic future for all Iraqi citizens,” he stated.

Mr. Tsvetomir Tsekov, Programme Manager, Delegation of the European Union to Iraq highlighted the strategic alignment of the MULK programme with Iraq’s Government priorities: “This programme builds upon the longstanding collaboration between the European Union and UN-Habitat, supporting the Government of Iraq in reaching its long-term development goals. It closely aligns with national and international development priorities, especially e-governance, social, and sustainability targets outlined in Iraq’s Vision for Sustainable Development 2030.”

Mr. Muslim Qazimi, acting Head of UN-Habitat Iraq, highlighted that the MULK programme represents a significant step forward in promoting equity and bolstering economic development in Iraq. “By working to establish an effective and secure digitised land management platform, MULK not only supports the upholding human rights but also offers investors greater confidence in their investment decisions.”


Ana Beatriz Paes

Communication Officer
Muslim Qazimi_Head of UN-Habitat ad interim

Muslim Qazimi

Head of UN-Habitat ad interim
Mr. Muslim Qazimi (Kosovo) has been the Head of UN-Habitat ad interim since September 2023. Previously he was working as Deputy Head of UN-Habitat in Iraq. He joined UN-Habitat in 2018, serving as Chair of the Housing, Land and Property Sub-cluster under humanitarian response and also as Programme Manager managing various projects. He holds a postgraduate/master’s degree in Public Administration and Political Sciences.

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