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2024 Humanitarian Transition Overview: Iraq's Journey Towards Sustainable Solutions

30 June 2024

Baghdad, 30 June 2024 – On behalf of the Humanitarian Country Team, the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq has published the Humanitarian Transition Overview (HTO) for 2024. The overview provides an in-depth summary of Iraq's humanitarian efforts throughout 2023, highlighting significant advancements in the country's journey towards sustainable solutions.

Under the leadership of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, the HTO was developed through extensive consultations with Humanitarian actors and the government of Iraq to identify critical humanitarian gaps and challenges that require continuing attention. It emphasizes achievements under the Durable Solutions framework, showcasing notable progress in enhancing local capacity and governance within humanitarian sectors.

In 2023, the focus shifted towards transferring humanitarian operations and coordination responsibilities to Iraq's line ministries and the Kurdistan Regional Government. This transition began with the deactivation of the Humanitarian Cluster system in December 2022 and has since evolved into sector coordination and working groups jointly led with relevant ministries. At the sub-national level, Joint Coordination Forums have been established in five conflict affected governorates to facilitate interactions between humanitarian/development entities and local government. 

"The transition underscores Iraq's increasing leadership in humanitarian sectors which is supported by UN technical guidance and NGO expertise—all geared towards finding durable solutions to humanitarian challenges," remarked Ghulam M. Isaczai, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq. 

The UN and partners reaffirm their commitment to addressing remaining humanitarian needs and ensuring dignified, safe, and voluntary solutions for displaced people.

For detailed insights into Iraq's humanitarian transition progress, the Humanitarian Transition Overview is now accessible: Iraq Humanitarian Transition Overview 2024 (June 2024) - Iraq 



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