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UNAMI calls on all protesters to leave the IZ and vacate governmental buildings, urges maximum restraint

29 August 2022

Baghdad, 29 August 2022 – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) calls on all protesters to immediately leave Baghdad’s International Zone, to vacate all governmental buildings and to allow the government to continue its responsibilities of running the State in service of the Iraqi people.

Today’s developments are an extremely dangerous escalation. State institutions must operate unimpeded in service of the Iraqi people, under all circumstances and at all times. Respect for constitutional order will now prove vital.

UNAMI urges all to remain peaceful, cooperate with security forces and refrain from acts that could lead to an unstoppable chain of events. UNAMI also calls on all (political) actors to work towards de-escalating tensions and resort to dialogue as the only means to resolve differences. Iraqis cannot be held hostage to an unpredictable and untenable situation. The very survival of the State is at stake.

Samir Ghattas

Samir Ghattas

Director of Public Information/Spokesperson United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq

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