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UNIDO and Government of Japan collaborate on Sustainable Development of the Food Industry in Iraq

20 April 2023

Baghdad, April 2023: The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Government of Japan are proud to announce their collaboration on the "Emergency livelihood support to mitigate the food insecurity crisis among vulnerable people in Iraq" project. This project is part of Japan's long-running support through the Japanese Supplementary Budget to the Iraqi people.

The project will enhance sustainable livelihood opportunities and food security in Iraq and builds on the foundation of previous projects supported by the Japanese Government and UNIDO to strengthen resilience and employability.

The project will address the critical issue of food insecurity by revitalizing traditional food processing industries in Nineveh and Duhok Governorates, which have been heavily impacted by the ongoing crisis in Iraq. The project will also target internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees to scale-up domestic and household-level food production and support the transition from subsistence to self-reliance.

As part of the project, UNIDO will provide hands-on training and market-oriented growth guidance to MSMEs producing traditional food products with business and food safety and hygiene training. This will help to strengthen the capacities of communities to address the lack of livelihoods, dependence on food imports, significantly decreased income, and increased food prices. In addition, UNIDO will also support the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Agriculture in these governorates and non-government institutions to provide training and extension services to the MSMEs producing traditional food products.

The project directly contributes and promotes women's economic empowerment through income generating activities and livelihood opportunities. Women who are extensively involved in agricultural activities, food processing, and preservation will be provided training for improved business management, tools, and equipment as well as extension services.

The emergency livelihood support project is aligned with the overall country's strategy to support longer-term development objectives in rural areas. The project will contribute to improving the lives of vulnerable people, particularly women, in Iraq.

“We recognize that there are still tremendous basic needs of vulnerable groups including IDPs, returnees and refugees in Nineveh and Duhok. I commend UNIDO for its tireless efforts to respond to those people’s needs”, said Mr. MASAMOTO Kenichi, Charge d' Affaires ad interim, the Embassy of Japan in Iraq.

“I trust that UNIDO will improve the people’s livelihood in Nineveh and Duhok backed by the coordination with the authorities and communities of these governorates, through completing this project and making use of UNIDO’s excellent expertise” added Mr. Kenichi.

UNIDO and the Government of Japan are committed to continue their long-running support to Iraq and its people through projects that foster sustainable development and promote economic growth.

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