Press Release

Visit to Iraq by the Independent Strategic Review Team mandated by Security Council resolution 2682 (2023)

07 November 2023

Mr. Volker Perthes, Head of the Independent Strategic Review Team of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), arrived in Baghdad for an official visit to the Republic of Iraq from 6-27 November 2023. His visit is conducted within the framework of the Independent Strategic Review requested by the Government of Iraq and mandated by the Security Council.

In its resolution 2682 (2023), the Security Council requested “that the Secretary-General, in line with best practices, conduct and provide the Security Council, no later than 31 March 2024, with an independent strategic review of UNAMI, in consultation with the Government of Iraq, in addition to UN agencies, member States, regional organisations, independent experts and civil society, and the Government of Kuwait, consistent with paragraph 4 of resolution 2107 (2013), including: (a) assessing current threats to Iraq’s peace and security, assessing the continued relevance of UNAMI’s tasks and priorities, and providing recommendations to optimize UNAMI’s mandate, mission structure and staffing to support the Government of Iraq in addressing the challenges of peace and security; (b) further assessing the options to support the Government of Iraq in strengthening effective regional cooperation.” 

In accordance with this mandate, Mr. Perthes will conduct consultations with government officials and other key stakeholders on the issues relevant to the mandate of the Independent Strategic Review.

Mr. Perthes is expected to report to the Secretary-General on his findings.

Baghdad, 7 November 2023


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